The Story of The Haunted Legs

The Haunted Legs started as a random white-board doodle in early 2012:


It was one of many dumb ideas that I dismissed at the time, but it kept coming back to bug me.  There was something about the challenge of giving these disembodied legs a personality that intrigued me.


I had seen plenty of ghosts floating around without legs…so it made sense to me that somewhere there would be legs walking around without a ghost.  What would the legs do?  Where would they go?  I began to doodle the legs doing various things in my sketchbooks.



After a few months of not being able to shake this idea I decided that I needed to purge myself of the concept once and for all.  I organized a challenge for myself in July of 2012.


I decided to try to post a daily comic that featured the Haunted Legs every single day in July.  The schedule was brutal (I’m not sure how daily comic strip artists keep it going!).  I kept busy that month drawing new comics and then posting them to my website and as many social media outlets as possible.  My desk was a MESS!


As the project went on I began seeing more and more traffic on the site and by the end the legs had developed their own little cult following.

After the month was over I thought I was done.  People kept sending me messages asking what was next in store for the legs.  At some point the idea of doing a collection in the form of a picture book came up.  I scraped all my material together, got some quotes and headed to Kickstarter to pitch the idea for the book:

The Kickstarter was successfully funded and I finished all the illustrations in color, added some new illustrations, wrapped it into a story and had it all printed as a rad little hardcover book!


You can get a signed copy directly from me on my Etsy store or you can buy it from Amazon.

Fast forward to 2015

I have come to the realization that I may never be able to shake myself of the legs!  They have started to creep back into my sketchbook and people still approach me and ask about a sequel.  I have decided to launch this dedicated website to the haunted legs where I can continue to post periodic cartoons and updates on the current shenanigans that the legs are getting into.

Each new illustration will be posted to the front page along with a full archive of the original illustrations that were posted.  What kind of riff-raff will they be wrapped up in next?  Only one way to find out!  Follow along and see!  Thanks to everyone who has supported this ridiculous project by reading it online, supporting the Kickstarter, and reading it to their kids every night before bed! You guys are amazing!